Monday, January 24, 2011

Monitor Comments 2010

Monitor Comments
I thank all monitors who took the time to send some comments and pictures of their routes. It is very enjoyable to read these, and I share some comments with you:

Wim and Marijke Jalink-Wijbrans:
This year’s raccoon was so strong he pushed up the bottom … and bent the screw!

At the start of the season, we found 9 dead adults in boxes, more than before…

Five of the 6 female MOBL had returned to the same nest as last year.
Photo Bill Taylor
Ron Reist
starting this year I am pairing all boxes that have a history of MOBL use
and reducing to singles all boxes which had only TRES history - hoping to
increase my MOBL success rate.

Mallard eggs near TRES box photo Linda Wiggins

Brian Exton
I had only one second brood instead of multiple second broods as I have had in the past.

Diane Leonhardt
One trail will be moved as the owners decided to pasture their horses on the land we were using. Is there any proven deterrent for horses?
The birds seemed to be playing musical nest-boxes on one portion where the BB and TS kept switching boxes for about 3 weeks.

Jean Dunn notes this happy occasion:
I did have one nice experience the last day I checked the trail on Sept. 2nd and that was to see two "flocks" of young bluebirds gathering on the telephone wires as if to say good-bye to the area. They took off after I had stopped and counted them and it was a nice good-bye for me too.

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