Monday, January 24, 2011

Monitors and Boxes and Routes 2010

We have many reporting monitor teams (at least 83 people) who covered the 4,734 boxes in the Calgary Area. These include several new to the CANM this year. Welcome to Matt Ginn, Jack Borno, Susanne Maidment, Jennifer Hilborne, Cindy and Tim Jacob, Anne Gerencher, Mike Risely, Donna Wieckowski, Sue Konopnicki, Mary Jane Hunter, Mike Truch, Darrel Bender, and Colleen Rittwage. Some of those took over parts of George Loades’ trails. Those were big shoes to fill! Others picked up trails of retiring or downsizing monitors: Gail Visser, Margaret Adams, Don Conrad, and Bill Ritchie and Al Reynar (who both passed away in November 2009.) Thanks to all of you for the work you do for our birds.

Five monitors reported on two trails, and we had 64 trails covered this year. And that is probably very conservative, as some of us lump several “trails” in one report. The average length of trail was 30.4 km. To access these trails, some monitors had to drive considerable distances. The average round trip reported was 112.2 km. (Some ten trails did not report the length of the round trip.) Consider that some of us visit each box as many as 8 times a year. That mounts up to a lot of “mileage” driven in the interests of birds (“kilometrage” doesn’t sound right to me!)
The average trail, 80 boxes, contains 2.44 boxes per km. Does that seem about right for density of coverage? Seven monitors have not yet reported the length of their trails, and these trails amounted to 507 boxes. Perhaps next year we’ll have a more complete picture! I do appreciate all of you who have taken the time and trouble to measure your routes – both the length of the trail from first to last box, and the round trip from your home to cover your trail.

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